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The Le Sueur River Watershed is currently developing a comprehensive watershed management plan, a One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P). The goal of 1W1P is to align local water planning on major watershed boundaries with state strategies towards prioritized, targeted and measurable implementation plans.

The process is locally led through a Policy Committee composed of one elected official from each of the eight participating local government units within the watershed.  The Le Sueur River Watershed planning partnership includes Blue Earth County, Blue Earth Soil and Water Conservation District, Waseca County, Waseca Soil and Water Conservation District, Faribault County, Faribault Soil and Water Conservation District, Freeborn County, Freeborn Soil and Water Conservation District.  The planning process also involves a broad range of stakeholders and public engagement activities. Learn more by visiting the Le Sueur River One Watershed, One Plan Website (link).

What is a One Watershed, One Plan?

One Watershed, One Plan (1W1P) is a program through the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) that  supports  partnerships of local governments in developing prioritized, targeted, and measurable implementation  plans.  Key principles are planning at the major watershed scale and aligning local plans with state strategies.  Plans created through the 1W1P program are called comprehensive watershed management plans. 

  • The program is designed to foster  collaboration between upstream and  downstream neighbors to work where it’s  most important in the watershed, not limited to county or other jurisdictional boundaries.  

  • Plans identify and prioritize resources and  issues and set measurable goals. A targeted  implementation schedule describes planned actions. Plans also describe programs and  the future partnership that will implement  the plan.

  • Plans are comprehensive: they address water  quality and quantity, groundwater, drinking  water, habitat, recreation, and other issues.

  • Collaboration between local partners and state agencies creates opportunities for dialogue about water management goals and activities, and  fosters the use of state data and strategies in local planning (BWSR 1W1P Website).

For More Information

One Watershed One Plan Factsheet (pdf)

Board of Water and Soil Resources Website

Le Sueur River One Watershed, One Plan Website

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